How to build budget video-hosting system

This presentation describes architecture and specifics of major Japanese video-hosting (over 10 million hits every day) system. It shall be interesting to developers and system administrators of high load systems.
  1. Specifics of free hosting systems: free soft, cheap hardware, minimal labor expenses.
  2. Everything shall work and recover on its own: system administrator time is expensive. Monitoring, post-boot checks and auto patching.
  3. Memory is cheap, let’s buy more. Caching systems on PgQ – cheap and good.
  4. SPoF – is it always bad? How to survive with only one central DB.
  5. How to make file storage. Cheap and expensive files.
  6. How to squeeze 100% out of hardware. Server is large, it will survive!

This presentation is “anti-crisis” to a certain extent. Budgets reduction is the gloomy reality of many Internet projects.
Who: Sergey Nekoval, Denis Eldandi
Where: Highload++ 2009
When: October 12-13, 2009

Адрес: 119021, Moscow, Russia, Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11, office#4
Park Kultury, Frunzenskaya
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