Pragmatic approach to documenting Web projects

The presentation deals with documenting of the process of web systems development. Typical project is participated by a team consisting of specialists in various spheres: investors, business founders, business managers, analysts, developers, users, designers, testers, system administrators. All of them have different experience, different goals and speak different languages (sometimes even literally). Some roles may be not presented, some may be merged.
There is a relatively developed culture of project documentation that includes traditional artifacts: the Vision, Business requirements document (BRD), Functional requirements (FRD), Interface requirements, Technical and architectural requirements (TAD), Testing requirements, Infrastructure requirements, as well as Agile artifacts such as user stories, visual stories etc.
Web projects can vary greatly, there can be interface projects and projects with complex logics (financial, scientific), average sized and large sized, written from scratch and inherited from other developers. Besides that, customers may have different ideas regarding documentation, as some are satisfied with the simple list of features, some need detailed functional requirements, and some prefer Agile style. Teams can also vary: complete (analytics, designers etc), local and distributed.
This presentation does not offer the ultimate remedy. Its main goal is to assist in choosing of the optimal set of documents required for successful development of a project considering project specifics and project team.
Who: Anatol Filin
Where: Russian Internet technologies (RIT-2010)
When: April 12-14, 2010

Адрес: 119021, Moscow, Russia, Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11, office#4
Park Kultury, Frunzenskaya
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