API plus fat client – a new paradigm in web development?

Any given major web service has its own API (Facebook, Flickr, Amazon, Vkontakte, etc.). But do smaller projects need one? What are the advantages of separating the front-end from the back-end through an API?

Technology is quickly advancing, as is Javascript— not the language used for animating webpage elements, but the powerful development tool. Few people are surprised by the need to use frameworks and libraries like AngularJS or Backbon e. Single-page web applications are more actively competing with mobile applications due to how light they are and their simplicity.
In this presentation, the advantages and features of developing using an API are covered:
1. The basic features and business and end-user advantages of single-page applications.
2. How to change development speed. After interfacing with an API, all system modules can process in parallel and independent of one another. This approach allows you to better concentrate on each part of the system without disrupting major development components.
3. Automated API testing methods.
4. Non-obvious advantages of single-page application search engine optimization.
Who: Andrey Lebedev
Where: RIT 2013
When: 22-23 April, 2013

Адрес: 119021, Moscow, Russia, Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11, office#4
Park Kultury, Frunzenskaya
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