About Scrum

Scrum is a remarkable methodology for developing software; this conclusion is based on our practical experience using a variety of methodologies. Additionally, Scrum perfectly fits the unique features of our company (small teams, projects with vague requirements, fast-changing conditions). In order to better understand the essence of the problems covered in this report, we will need to present some features of our “habitat”. We’re certain that many people work under similar conditions, which are characteristic of most small teams:

1. All team members are all-round specialists who can fulfill various roles on various projects.
2. A large number of projects. Several projects are actively in development, but the number of “potentially active” projects exceeds the number of developers.
3. A large stream of internal requests. Potential projects must constantly be evaluated and preliminary research and analyses must constantly be conducted.
4. Remote team members are present.
5. The absolute majority of projects are done on a fixed budget.

When introducing Scrum, we found that we didn’t receive optimal results even when we followed described practices. We had obvious problems with quality, iteration periods, priorities and communication.
Over the course of several projects, we saw similar problems, but we also thought up and implemented procedures which would allow us to satisfy the vital conditions for staying within an Agile framework. In this presentation, we will observe the most interesting problems we came across, as well as their solutions:
1. Iteration planning without guaranteed resources.
2. How to minimize the gap between iterations and how to handle bugs.
3. How to minimize testing expenditures and economize resources.
4. Documenting Agile projects. The eternal question, “Do we need documentation?”
5. Projects with fixed budgets. How to satisfy the client and not come out empty handed.
Who: Artem Volftrub
Where: Whale Rider 2010
When: 20-21 September, 2010

Адрес: 119021, Moscow, Russia, Pugovishnikov pereulok, 11, office#4
Park Kultury, Frunzenskaya
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