Mobile Applications

What do you need to go mobile?

It’s believed that you need to have a laptop and Internet access to do a remote work. It’s far otherwise in fact. Everyone has a mobile phone, smartphone or PDA today.These devices are always with us, they are accessible and do not take up much space, unlike laptops. In addition to this fully connected networks’ coverage can’t be compared with Wi-Fi coverage. An information rate under GPRS / EDGE technologies is fully enough for solving most of problems while a usage of mobile applications’ for business and personal advantages is becoming as easy and accessible as voice communication with a process of 3G networks development.

What kinds of mobile applications we do

We develop mobile Java-based applications and Windows Mobile applications. It could be:

—  Corporate applications — You can strongly increase your employees’ mobility and efficiency in case of making mobile versions of everyday work applications.

—  Remote control systems — The support of a sufficiently large and complex system often turns into the monitoring of two or three important parameters and a processing of several standard operations as often as it’s required. It’s ordinarily a necessary thing for tech support specialists to take a laptop with them, connecting to the Internet to accomplish mentioned-above tasks at appropriate time. The mobile application could do all this but does not require any additional equipment.

—  SMS-interfaces — Completing remote control systems SMS-interfaces are powerful tools that enable you to manage with applications by sending messages and receiving reports from a remote server via SMS.

—  Mobile Services — You could greatly expand your products’ audience as well as increase your customers’ loyalty by completing your current business solutions with mobile and PDA applications.

Our mobile applications:

—  Dynamically change its interface according to mobile screen definition.

—  Exchange data with server by transferring information and displaying obtained results.

—  Save applications’ data on your phone or PDA memory.

—  Encrypt Internet traffic to provide confidentiality of communicated information.

—  Communicate with external devices via Bluetooth or IR.

—  Cooperate with mobile phone’ operating system, managing your notepad and camera, sending SMS and voice messages, and doing many others things.

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