Most of the new systems we developed are written on Grails. With Grails, we have developed such projects as Ecology data monitoring storage and processing systemOnline HypermarketCinema production management system. Grails is a modern framework for the developing of Web-based applications.
Being a sufficiently new framework, Grails had not much spread in the sphere of web – programming in Russia. We have all the reasons to say that we know Grails better than other web developers in our country.
Why did we choose Grails as a team of developers?

The advantages of Grails:

  • Grails is adapted for the development of web-based applications
  • Grails clearly integrates with current Java-code. It’s possible to use all Java advantages and all the libraries created on this platform during system developing.
  • Quickness and simplicity of varying complexity systems development
  • Easiness of new people inclusion into the development process
  • Convenient developers’ interface
  • Grails enables to combine such Java-technologies such as Spring and Hibernate with modern methods, such as “Convention over configuration”. Developed on Groovy, Grails adds flexibility and dynamic scripting languages to the current Java-code. It’s an important fact that due to its conventions and options this framework is a ready-to-use basis for the creation of a variety of web-based applications that require minimum of customization from the developer.