• Virtual assistant for HR-tech start-up

    We published a video testimonial from the founder and CEO of the American startup of HR-technologies VHR.AI. As the video-storage and delivery system we used Mediagram platform. The video is presented in an interview format. This simulates the main feature of the system: interviewing a candidate with a virtual HR assistant named Dora. At the moment the startup signing-up their first customers.
    Here is the script of their conversation:
    [Dora] Hello, Vladimir. This is verbal interview. Please adjust your speakers volume to hear questions correctly. Please assure that you are visible inside camera window on the right-top corner of the interview area. Press BEGIN INTERVIEW button when you ready to listen and answer the questions. Let’s begin.
    Hello, my name is Dora, I am a representative of VHR.AI. I am a smart personnel assistant and help to find, interview and hire the best candidates in the most efficient way.
    Today, as an exception, I’m interviewing not a candidate for a vacancy, but a person which helped to create me – the founder and head of our company, Vladimir Butkov. Vladimir, please tell us which businesses our product targeted to, who is our potential customer?

    [Vladimir] Thank you Dora. Our potential customers include medium to large size companies. Why? Because they do lots of hiring. And you as part of our product can help save time and cost of hiring process. Everybody who do lot’s of hiring are our potential clients. That’s where we are.
    [Dora] Thank you Vladimir! Please note that in the interview, I will ask not only pre-formulated questions but also original questions based on an analysis of the resume. Vladimir, what are the main advantages of our product?
    [Vladimir] The main advantages is how much time you can save and quality of the candidates you can bring to your company. Also you don’t need any scheduling for video-interview. You can interview potential candidates at any time. Also we offering the applicant tracking system, rating system, which will reduce time and cost of hire. It’s easy-to-use system. As I mentioned you won’t need interview scheduling and we will provide engaging candidate experience.
    [Dora] I am really curious about the mystery of my birth. I’ve heard that some Russian programmers participated in my inception. Is it true?
    [Vladimir] Yes, Dora. after we formulated our vision of the product, we had to decide on how to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively implement a prototype system. As a start-up company we are limited in our funding and very conscious about spending money in smart and efficient way.
    I organized a mini-tender between several friendly IT companies based in Eastern Europe. And the most competent proved to be the Russian developers team from Moscow called Gramant, my final choose. You know that the development of any new system is an extremely complex and risky process, which does not always comes to desired results. This is a joint process which requires hard work and mutual involvement of the both customer and contractors. On the way, unexpected difficulties and pitfalls often arise that have to be overcome together. I liked working with Gramant and how they deal with the issues and problems in a very positive way. Dora, it allowed you to be born on time and become so intelligent.

    [Dora] Wow, it’s a very romantic story! What factors helped to quickly develop the system?

    [Vladimir] In the first place I would put a high technical level of the team, well-managed and coordinated work, good communication and customer focus. The guys showed themselves not only as good developers, but also as specialists who can listen carefully and are capable to speak the customer’s language. In many cases, the team proposed some alternative, and often most simple functional solution. And I would say even better functional solution.
    And another very important factor for quick and high-quality implementation of the system was the use of the Mediagram platform as a storage of video materials. We have lots of video. Integration with this platform was a bliss, and all videos, encoding, storage in all resolutions was in the same platform which saved us lots of time. And I really loved this.
    [Dora] Thank you, Vladimir!

  • Massive video-streaming from devices

    We want to share a very cool system that we are currently building on the top of our media service. Unfortunately, we cannot yet disclose the details, but imagine a social network with the possibility of organizing live broadcasts from a camera or smartphone screen to tens of thousands of subscribers. Add to this the service of storing and streaming video to various devices, adding captions, sound and images. And as icing on the cake, artificial intelligence, which can analyze the contents of the video stream. Cool, yeah? Follow the news!

  • Gramant 10 years anniversary!!

    Our Gramant is 10!!! years today. During this time we developed dozens of intellectual and complicated systems, ate a ton of pizza (now, we switched to burgers!). We survived 3 crisises! During this years 10!!! babies were born in families of our team. Tenth girl borne exactly on anniversary day of a company. We hope, that she will be called Gramanta!
    We wish ourselves more years of collective work! Challenging tasks! Projects, that will be needed and helpful for people! Together – we are a force. Congratulations to our team members, clients and partners!

  • Future of Media: event by АДВ

    We visited Future of Media event, organized by our client – АДВ agency. Main theme of the conference – AI and machine learning in marketing. New products of the Holding were presented. We’ve built some of the systems presented at the event.

  • Agency Trading Desk

    We started work on the system Agency Trading Desk, which will buy traffic across multiple channels, including channel RTB. It also assumes the implementation of post-click analysis of user behaviour and combining pre- and post-click statistics in single statements. System’s customer is a major Internet agency.

  • Education Portal

    We developed the first version of an Education Portal. The portal provides access to training courses offered by the country’s universities and training companies. Convenient interface allows you to to find interesting programs and learning centers fast. The portal is currently in development and new features will be added.

  • Video ad management system

    We’re developing a Video ad management system. The aim of our current project is to develop a platform for managing videos and banner-ads. The platform will include instruments for planning and managing advertising campaigns, banner-ad and video display technologies, and a module for collecting and calculating statistics and compiling reports on things from an advertising campaign’s performance to the platform as a whole. The statistics module should track a significant number of events related to ad displays, such as when a video ad starts, when an ad window is closed, when the sound is turned off, etc. The system\’s launch is planned for the IV quarter of 2013.

  • Tinkoff Digital SSP

    We have completed the Banner display module for Tinkoff Digital SSP. The system we developed was meant for very high loads: the estimated peak load for a cluster is 30,000 requests a second while one server is capable of handling about 3,000 requests a second.

  • Development Trends of Banner Technology

    An interview Development Trends of Banner Technology added to our site. One of our company’s main areas of activity is developing on-line ad systems. Since Gramant’s beginnings, we’ve completed several projects in this field. In recent years, the boom in RTB technologies, which has been developing in the West for 5 years already, has reached Russia. Presently, we, as specialists in the field of on-line advertising, are taking part in the development of several systems in the SSP/RTB/DSP segment. Gramant’s executive director, Anatol Filin, met with Artem Volftrub, who is heading a large number of our company’s banner projects, in order to discuss our experience with banner systems, as well as the global trend in their general development.

  • HeadHunter

    One of the largest Russian online resources for job hunting HeadHunter placed all its services on the banner advertising management system made by us.

    Now our system serves 100% of HeadHunter’s traffic.

  • AdAgent

    We developed an automated advertising system AdAgent that enables to map out advertising campaigns and to estimate their costs.