Video: storage and streaming

We have extensive expertise in the development of video content management systems. We have created a video storage and delivery platform that can be tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Platform goal

  • To help companies host individual video content in the Internet, manage and deliver it to various devices
  • To lower equipment and traffic costs
  • To provide an easy way to use video content for marketing and customers acquisition

Video upload, storage and delivery

  • Video upload from various sources
  • Ability to load from any custom sources
  • Delivery to various non standard devices
  • CCTV and live streams integration
  • Video re-coding for optimal reproduction on different devices
  • Backup automation and failproof storage
  • Support for live streams and broadcasts with live video modification on the server
  • Support for automatic or manual cuts and transitions on the server


 Tested under 300M+ video views per day! 


  • On-demand traffic balancing based on network congestion
  • Content delivery cost optimization
  • Flexible scaling with increasing data volume and increasing load
  • Automatic optimization for end-user devices
  • Geo-optimization, keeping content closer to end-user

End user behaviour and stats

  • Full view statistics. Ability to match movies by view. What movies were watched by people who watched a given movie
  • Video classification, tags, taxonomy. Ability to classify video with deep learning algorithms
  • Views pattern analysis: skip-aheads or repeats. A/B testing of video content
  • Recommendation service by content, by author, by tags, by location