IT consulting

We conduct an integrated audit of hardware and software systems and development processes, which enables us to produce some methodic recommendations for IT-processes and infrastructure restructuring in accordance with business goals of an organization.

Software architecture and code audit

— Audit of used technologies in a context of its compatibility with business goals of an organization

— Architectural audit in the context of its versatility and expansion abilities

— Architectural audit in the context of its fail-safety and scalability

— Availability/absence of code writing standards

— Program code’s quality audit itself

Architecture and code audit

— Analysis of hardware according to its current and predictable load demand

— Server-based and network equipment audit

— Fail-safety audit

— OS environment IT security audit (operating system, user space software, libraries, etc.)

— Application security audit (XSS, SQL-injection and other potential vulnerabilities)

Development processes consulting

— Analysis of development process maturity and technologies used

— Analysis of communication processes between IT and the business and analysis of processes within IT department

— Phases of the process: analytics, user experience, design, development, testing, change management

— Appropriateness of tools used: project management, bug tracking systems, time-tracking, collaborative tools and document management, concurrent versioning systems

How does it look like?

We are often contacted by our clients to find out why their development process doesn’t go as smooth as they would expect, why their development team can’t fulfill their business requirements, why their software can’t cope with the quickly growing production load. The shareholders and top-management use us as independent and trusted experts who can help them to find out what’s going wrong.

We study a situation from the different points of view. We conduct an audit of development process, focusing on the processes of communication between different departments of the company. We study and analyze the architecture of the system, its bottlenecks. Finally, we conduct software and hardware audit. Usually it is done by our most senior staff, chief architects, analysts and team leads. Depending on the level of the system it takes from two weeks to two months to get it done.

According to results of the audit we make a presentation where we invite top-management, IT representatives and shareholders of the company. Our presentation always includes our recommendations how to improve the existing situation. We conduct all our operations under the terms of strict confidentiality.