• Smart contracts system for NFT tokens.

    Development of smart contracts for NFT tokens. Support of customized properties in NFT smart contracts, which allows you to determine the benefits provided to the owner of the token. Scripts for automatic generation of NFT tokens and to place them on

  • Car-sharing platform

    Mobile Application (Android and iOs) to rent a car. Integration with the BloXmove platform, which is especially designed for urban transport. Integration with ERC20 blockchain wallets (MetaMask etc) Implementation of secure protocols in the application (Decentralized Identifiers (DiD’s), Verifiable Credentials).

  • Gazprom-Media Digital: Video ad management system

    The aim this project was to develop a platform for managing video and banner-ads. The platform includes instruments for planning and managing advertising campaigns, banner-ad and video display technologies, and a module for collecting and calculating statistics and compiling reports on things from an advertising campaign’s performance to the platform as a whole. The statistics module tracks a significant number of events related to ad displays, such as when a video ad starts, when an ad window is closed, when the sound is turned off, etc.

  • Japanese video-hosting platform

    The system represents one of the largest video-hosting services in Japan (kind of Japanese counterpart to YouTube). The service allows users to upload and view videos, comment and vote on them. There is a detailed system of ratings and recommendations. There is also paid services providing additional features, e.g. the ability to download video in format DivX.
    The statistics component allows to monitor the effectiveness of video clips. There is also a system of moderation of video and comments.

  • Tinkoff Digital: Banner Display Module for SSP

    A significant increase had been observed in advertising traffic which is sold through a system using RTB (Real Time Bidding) technology. The main component in this kind of system is an SSP (Sell Side Platform) module which manages advertising traffic and selects the advertisement that will be displayed to the site visitor. The advertiser is selected based on an auction that takes place in real-time. It takes only couple of milliseconds from the moment an impression request is received to the time an advertisement is displayed to the visitor.

  • Agency Trading Desk

    The goal of Systems Agency Trading Desk is the automation of procurement of media inventory from different channels and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for advertisers on characteristics such as channels, creatives and/or targeting settings.
    The system communicates with external advertising platforms (both traditional and RTB) by connecting to an API. Through the API platforms are receiving campaign settings and sending back campaign statistics. Advertiser’s site put pixels to track post-click behavior of users.

  • Between Digital: DSP Front-end

    The system is developed for the company BetweenDigital. The company offers services for publishers on their SSP platform, and for advertisers and advertising agencies – on their DSP platform. Their entire system is based on RTB, so involving real-time-auctions for advertising displays, making successful bids on behalf of advertising agencies and their technology platforms. Unlike traditional methods of purchasing media over a greater or lesser degree of targeted hits on selected advertising space, this technology is not about just purchasing impressions, but a specific audience, which is much more interesting for any advertiser.

  • A startup: Mobile geo-tracking system

    The major function of the mobile application is to collect and deliver current coordinates of the device to the server. The application also has the paging function, i.e. it can receive messages from administrator (further on – from applications).
    The server stores data on users and their movements in the space. The application features different functionality of the web client for ordinary users and for administrators. Ordinary users can use web interface to access personal statistics on mobile device. Administrator has access to total system statistics, and can control default settings.

  • Japanese video-hosting: Billing system

    The system unveils possibility for subscribing to paid (premium) features of Japanese video hosting service, allowing users to pay using credit cards.

  • IMHO VI: Post-click analysis system

    The post-click analysis system contains information about how the user does after he reaches the target site of the advertiser after clicking on the banner on the advertising platform. For example, the number of users who clicked on the banner and continued to load the page of the site as well — as well as the number of those users who clicked on the banner, however did not download the page. In addition, the system analyzes the viewing depth (number of pages visited by the user), visited pages on the site and the total time spent on the site.

  • A startup: Online Hypermarket

    Shopium combines data from different web shops in its own general catalog, which allows customers to easily search and order products. The system currently already automatically receives information from a multitude of web shops. User-friendly interface and social network integration is attracting a lot of new customers to the system, both shoppers and sellers.

  • IMHO VI: Statistics for online advertisement

    The Stats system analyzes results of Internet advertisement campaigns.
    The Stats system allows users to view various slices of data, particularly to conduct coverage analysis and unique visitors’ analysis, generate reports in the background with consequent user notification and export the results into Excel. The system supports users access control, also supports an OEM mode, which allows other advertising agencies to provide data to their customers.

  • IMHO VI: Auditing the development process

    A major company working in the field of media and Internet advertising came to us; the foundation of their business is an Internet advertising campaign management system. When they approached us, the system being used was outdated and didn’t provide the necessary support for the company’s business-processes. The development of a new system had been brought to a standstill: the system’s launch date was missed several times. Because of this, the development department received a large number of complaints from the company’s business departments—not only about the development of the new functional, but also regarding support for the company’s current processes.

  • Taxcom: Business processes monitoring system

    We’ve developed a monitoring system for Taxcom to check and monitor devices, application and business-processes of the company. The system raises alerts and notifies the staff in case of failures.
    The system monitors various metrics, starting from low-level metrics, such as CPU usage or network traffic and ending on high-level business metrics.

  • HeadHunter: Banner advertising management system hosts more than 2 million unique visitors each week and is the largest Russian Internet resource for job searching and hiring personnel and the high visitor numbers present a great opportunity to boost the company revenues and achieve their growth objectives. Further to a lengthy evaluation process with many different companies Gramant were selected due to their extensive knowledge of the adtech sector.

  • Internet bank

    This application allows users to manage their bank accounts, make real-time transactions online, such as transfer money between personal accounts, transfer money to external personal or corporate accounts, pay for various services, like household facilities, commercial expenses, mobile phones, taxes and fines.

  • Greenstreet: Street light control system

    Greenstreet project has emerged as an Internet-based system for street lights control. Greenstreet is the latest generation of centralized dispatching system, which allows every luminary device to work in autonomous mode as well as in managed mode. The system provides a software and hardware solution with Web-components interacting with specialized luminary devices.

  • Federal Ecology Control Agency: Environmental data monitoring, storage and processing system

    The system has been built for Federal Black Sea and Azov Ecology Control Agency. It controls the environment of Black sea and Azov waters. It monitors and collects laboratory probes taken in the region and displays them on a map.

  • MirVracha: Professional portal for medical community

    The Internet portal serves as full-featured knowledge base for doctors as well as a platform for health workers communication. It contains scientific articles, medical studies and scientific conferences proceedings. The system is expected to become the central communication vehicle for medical community in the Russian Internet. The complete functionality of the system is accessible only for health workers.

  • Fora-Bank: Website Content Management System

    The system is designed for bank website content management. It allows Bank managers to increase their efficiency in content management, to provide quick updates and augment site attractiveness for Bank clients and site users. The systems decreases the overall cost of website support and personnel training as well as it decreases number of mistakes.

  • Human Proteom Project: Gene-centric Content Manager

    This system is a scientific application that allows user to collect, store and analyze data on proteins in cooperation with other users. Information integration can be done automatically or manually, from outside sources and from within the system. Users can create their own protein sets on the basis of descriptors, analyze them and share their work results with other users. The system was developed as part of International Human Proteom Project for the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

  • Human Proteom Project: Lab system for biomaterials

    The Laboratory system is the database of experiments carried out by proteomics scientists for detection of presence/absence of various proteins in biomaterials and definition of their characteristics. The system supports importing data from mass-spectrometer. It allows to navigate, filter and search through scientific data. The system was developed as part of International Human Proteom Project for the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

  • Japanese video-hosting: Photo-hosting service

    The photo hosting system is a online sevice for remote photo albums management. Users can comment or vote for albums. Service is fully integrated with video hosting system. Paid users has access to additional features. The photo hosting system is designed to work under high load.

  • Incredbank: Expense control system

    The Bank Expense Control system is intended for operational budget planning and expense control. It supports purchase request approvals according with an organizational workflow. It also provides instant access to planned/actuals budget reports, grouping expenses by budget period, cost centers and expense categories.

  • Media House: Education Portal

    The portal provides access to training courses offered by the country’s universities and training companies. Convenient interface allows you to to find interesting programs and learning centers fast. The portal is currently in development and new features will be added.

  • Internal project: CRM

    CRM of “Gramant” allows you to set up contacts and add companies, to create pipelines, events and tasks. The marketing block of the system enables to create mailing lists and subscriptions, using prepared templates.
    The system consists of several basic parts: Events, Contacts, Pipelines and Marketing.

  • Amedia: Cinema production management system

    The tool allows you to organize information on a large number of projects at different stages of the production cycle, as well as related tasks and documents. Allows you to quickly monitor the progress of work and helps automate the process of production management in the specific conditions of the film industry.

  • Finam: Mobile trader

    This application was made for «Finam», one of Russia’s largest brokerages. The application provides investment portfolio management via mobile phone. It allows clients to view stock rates, check portfolio status, issue requests to buy or sell stocks. Besides the standard (live) mode there is also a sandbox mode which allows user to learn how to use the system and make transactions without depositing actual funds.

  • A startup: Comparison shopping system

    The system is a web-based application that contains an online database with sport equipment. It allows potential customers to browse, search and compare various merchandise and redirects the user to vendor’s online stores. The system allows registered vendors to upload information of their goods and promote themselves to gain new customers. It’s an analogue of

  • Sanoma Independent Media: Wedding services portal “”

    System “” developed for the Independent Media Sanoma Magazines Publishing House. It is provide number of services useful for wedding management.