Human Proteom Project: Gene-centric Content Manager

This system is a scientific application that allows user to collect, store and analyze data on proteins in cooperation with other users. Information integration can be done automatically or manually, from outside sources and from within the system. Users can create their own protein sets on the basis of descriptors, analyze them and share their work results with other users. The system was developed as part of International Human Proteom Project for the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.


Major features

  • Integration with Uniprot which is an international proteins data base
  • Definition of proteins parameters and entering them in the form of descriptors
  • Import of protein descriptors values from within the system or from outside sources
  • Selection and storing of protein sets for research and creation of researched set for further analytical work
  • Presentation of random selection of descriptors for selected protein group in the form of a table or heat matrix with normalized value
  • Analysis of heat matrix and management of protein sets with the help of sorting and filtering according with set parameters
  • Selecting and storing proteins sets with detected similar patterns as a separate group


  • Server – Java, Grails
  • Data storage – PostgreSQL