Who we are

Our 10 years experience, cooperation, team spirit, and streamlined development process let us effectively fulfill any of our clients’ tasks, regardless of complexity.

Gramant is a cohesive team of professionals working together to develop high-load IT systems. We develop systems from start to finish: from compiling a list of requirements to implementation and follow-up support.

In the past few years, our focus has shifted from developing financial and management systems to on-line advertising and video systems. We’ve developed several banner and management systems for the Ad Tech industry. Not only do we address technical issues, but how Ad Tech is built as a whole. This is why we often serve as consultants and analysts on topics where business and technology intersect.

As of 2010, we have been developing and supporting a Japanese video-hosting system on a consistent basis. Our understanding of the technical side of the on-line video industry is as deep as our knowledge of the video-advertising industry. We’ve successfully worked with Russian customers as well as foreign customers.

We’ve learned a lot in our years working together. We’ve learned to streamline management systems while putting an emphasis on quality. We’ve learned to constantly innovate and to continuously educate our staff. We’ve learned to build and maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere among the staff and to promote mutual assistance.

  • We honor the following principles in our approaches:
  •  a deep understanding of our client’s business and needs
  •  the use of repeatedly tested effective solutions
  •  the use of agile-processes to minimize client risk
  •  constant communication with customers at every stage of development
  •  a thorough approach to usability during interface design
  • a genuine interest in what we do without the formalities