• Highload systems

    We develop high load Internet business systems. We specialize in e-Commerce, Ad-Tech and online video delivery.

  • Full development cycle

    We analyze requirements, help to clarify the task, write specifications, design architecture and create UI

  • Support and maintenance

    We design large scale infrastructure, set up monitoring systems, provide reliability, performance and security.

  • Security and operations

    We audit system architecture, code, infrastructure and security. We help to build or fix communication and development process.


  • We want to share a very cool system that we are currently building on the top of our media service. Unfortunately, we cannot yet disclose the details, but imagine a social network with the possibility of organizing live broadcasts from a camera or smartphone screen to tens of thousands of subscribers.

  • Our Gramant is 10!!! years today. During this time we developed dozens of intellectual and complicated systems, ate a ton of pizza (now, we switched to burgers!). We survived 3 crisises! During this years 10!!! babies were born