IMHO VI: Post-click analysis system

We developed a «Post-click analysis» system for our already existing Banner Advertising Statistical System.

The post-click analysis system contains information about how the user does after he reaches the target site of the advertiser after clicking on the banner on the advertising platform. For example, the number of users who clicked on the banner and continued to load the page of the site as well — as well as the number of those users who clicked on the banner, however did not download the page. In addition, the system analyzes the viewing depth (number of pages visited by the user), visited pages on the site and the total time spent on the site.

Capabilities of the system

  •  Reports on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign for the total number of viewers of the advertiser’s site
  •  Reports on visits of certain checkpoints at the advertiser’s site, by visitors attracted by the advertising campaign
  •  Reports of the distribution of visitors of the advertiser’s site by number of page views
  •  Summary report about the positions / results of the advertising campaign: post-click performance
  •  Separation of user access rights


  •  Server platform – Java
  •  Database System – Oracle
  •  Server Operating System – Linux