It comes clear quite often that one server is not enough for the project. For example, there is a situation when a system supposed to have millions of users, or it needs to store hundreds terabytes of data, when system’ required high availability is impossible without components redundancy. In such cases, we propose you a development of infrastructure solutions which work together with our code, which are reliable, fail-safe and cost a good price.

Our experience allows us to engineer an infrastructure of projects of all degrees of complexity, from the inexpensive entry-level systems consisted of several network nodes to large, distributed networks of data computing, which contain hundreds of network appliances, servers and storage systems. We construct corporate networks as well as implement modern VoIP technologies, and this enables us to quit an outmoded telephony and save a lot of money.


We know how to build systems with high availability standards, that:
— Continue to work even in case of several components fails
— Don’t lose data in cases of mass storage failures
— Survive natural disasters


We are able to build systems fluently scaled according to required load demand. We know how to develop and to implement effective and fail-safe storage systems which enable you to store almost unlimited volumes of data.


We know how to develop reliable and secure networks, how to conduct road safety audits of corporate networks. We enjoy working with open technologies, which are a basis of almost the whole Internet nowadays.