Custom development

What kind of systems do we build?

— Client Relationship Management systems (CRM) are able to organize workflow in a company, increase the quality of clients relationship and minimize overhead.

— Enterprise Resource Planning systems will help your company to roadmap your expenses and keep an eye on current costs.

— Document Flow systems help create and distribute digital documents and provide control over data flow in your company.

— Middleware systems are designed to integrate existing heterogeneous systems to ease data exchange.

— Remote Finance systems are applications which provide easy remote access to your financial data or various assets, such as online banking, trading, etc.

Large and distributed web systems

Web-sites that serve billions of people all over the world, handle millions of transactions per second, can be called large web systems. Examples are Google, Amazon, Yandex, Wikipedia, Netflix, Salesforce etc.


Large systems have to scale. They have to work without downtime and be responsive even during peak-hours. Also, those systems have to be designed to handle quick growth of number of users, which is quite often scenario for some types of websites.


One of the most important feature for the most of large web systems is reliability. They have to be available 24x7x365. All maintenance and fixes have to be done seamless for end users.


Large systems are designed differently from normal applications. Before the development has begun, during the design phase, load, scalability, reliability, monitoring, infrastructure and various other things have to be thought of. Mistakes conducted here can be fatal for the project.

Another large task is to support those systems.
How do we prevent outages? How do we update the system without visible downtime? How do we optimize the load? Those are just a few problems that must be solved.

Our team has a vast experience in design, development and support of such systems. We love to share that information with our partners and internet community.

Core features of systems we build are

— Configurable security, roles and access management, which is very flexible to suit virtually any company structure.

— Very flexible configuration of business processes and workflow

— Ability to integrate with external applications using web-services and related technologies

— Sophisticated reports generating module

— A module to import and export data

— Integration with payment systems

— Most modern security techniques including handheld security devices, such as smart-cards, security tokens and one time passwords generators

— Usage of web technologies, which increase mobility and make our systems friendly, affordable and reliable.

Why can’t I use an existing solution?

Technically, you can. But while copmany is evolving, new business missions are emerging. At the beginning a spreadsheet and a desk calculator can be enough, but over time it comes to cost/effort optimization, automatization and increasing the efficiency of the staff. This is successfully solved by custom built software.

One of the main question top-management usually comes up with, what kind of software do we need? Is it possible to find an application that would do everything? How well does it do its work? Can we adjust it to run in our company?

Indeed, that kind of software exists. Those applications are called Enperprise Resource Planning software (ERP). They help do all of that quite well, and they do even more. However, nothing is free and their cost can start from $100000 and minimal implementation can take at least 6 months.

It may sound strange, but their versatility can be their weak point. Any manager that aims to run a full-scale ERP system should keep in mind that:

— They are really expensive

— It takes a lot of time and money to adopt them. We’ve seen companies that spent years deploying an ERP system and when they were finally done they found that their business had changed and they don’t need anything of what that system can do anymore.

— Those systems are very hard to support. Engineers and consultants are very expensive. Also, there is a shortage of them in the market.

If you need to solve a defined problem in a timely fashion, we believe a custom development is what you really need. It can be designed for your company, to help you with your tasks and it won’t do what you don’t need it to do. It’s the most optimal solution from the time/cost/quality point of view. We will be happy to develop one for you!