Anatol Filin / CEO

Graduated in applied mathematics from The Moscow Institute of Electronic Machinery in 1985. Joined The Institute of Cybernetic problems of the Soviet Academy of Science, and developed the parallel FFT library for the first Russian supercomputer. In 1989 received his PhD in computer sciences. In 1991 was selected by Japanese company “Graphica Computer Co” from hundreds of applicants and invited to Japan. Developed CAD system for the special graphic board produced by Graphica. From 1993 to 2000 had worked in finance, developing trading systems for multinational financial corporations. First two years as a system analyst in CSFB Equity Front office, and then five years as assistant vice-president and team lead in Merrill Lynch Fixed Income Front office. In 2000 he became part of the Internet movement and joined ValueCommerce, Japan as development manager and Chief Architect. In 2003 he moved back to Moscow to establish the IT branch of ValueCommerce Russia and supervised it all the way through to its closing in summer 2007. Founded Gramant in 2007 and serves as Gramant’s CEO since. He is responsible for front-office issues including development process, sales and marketing. He is personally involved with launching most of the company’s strategic projects. Anatol is married. He has two sons.

Natalya Slagt / COO

Graduated from the St-Petersburg Institute of Management and Economics of Accounting, Analysis and Auditing. Has seven years experience of working as a chief accountant in international companies. Was responsible for managing and organizing the back office of an international company in Moscow. Joined ValueCommerce Russia from its first day as the head of HR department. COO in Gramant since 2007. She’s responsible for all the financial, juridical, personnel matters of the company and for its logistics. Natalya is married. She has three children.