Any production system needs a monitoring. The monitoring is necessary to keep the system running andespecially to support the system. After any changes in the system one reasonable question comes up – «did anything break»? Increase of the system’s load always brings up questions as «how much time do we have before the system metls down under the load» and «how much money do we need to get the system cope with it in a given time»?

There is a variety of monitoring systems handling these problems. System metrics monitored can be divided into several groups, such as low-level metrics, application metrics, business metrics, etc. Our monitoring system collects the history of those metrics, displays them in different modes and uses them to make some capacity planning.

We offer services for installing and supporting systems of monitoring, which:

— Inform support engineers of any conponents problems

— Save and display the history of metrics

— Can be used to make predictions and capacity planning

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