Tinkoff Digital: Banner Display Module for SSP

Tinkoff Digital is a company created in 2012 by Oleg Tinkov along with Goldman Sachs investment bank for developing products related to Internet advertising technologies. One of the company’s first projects was the development of a banner system using RTB technologies.

A significant increase had been observed in advertising traffic which is sold through a system using RTB (Real Time Bidding) technology. The main component in this kind of system is an SSP (Sell Side Platform) module which manages advertising traffic and selects the advertisement that will be displayed to the site visitor. The advertiser is selected based on an auction that takes place in real-time. It takes only couple of milliseconds from the moment an impression request is received to the time an advertisement is displayed to the visitor.

Many different companies were involved in the development of the entire system but Gramant were selected especially to develop the all important banner ad system as part of the SSP module. They were chosen not only because of their specialist knowledge of the advertising sector but also because of the expertise they had with the development of high performance highly scaleable applications which offer flexibility and can be optimised according to demands of the business.

Major features

  • Data exchange with auction for advertiser selection
  •  Record-keeping of advertising events
  •  Data exchange with monitoring system for tracking system health and for monitoring business metrics
  •  Interaction with antifraud module

The system we developed was designed for very high loads, the estimated peak load for a cluster is 30,000 requests a second while one server is capable of handling about 3,000 requests a second.

This project was delivered within three months from start to completion.


  • Java
  •  Amazon EC2 и S3
  •  Graphite
  •  Jetty