Internal project: CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) — software for organizations, designed to automate interaction strategies with customers; more specifically, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing customer information and interaction history, establish and improve business procedures, and analyze the subsequent results.

CRM of “Gramant” allows you to set up contacts and add companies, to create pipelines, events and tasks. The marketing block of the system enables to create mailing lists and subscriptions, using prepared templates.

The system consists of several basic parts: Events, Contacts, Pipelines and Marketing.


CRM includes an advanced events system. Events can be added and reminders can be set for every contact, pipeline and company. There are daily, weekly and monthly event views. These views use the “drag and drop” method, i.e. you can visually change an event. Specific events can be added, viewed and edited.


One of the system’s most important sections is the “Contacts” section. With CRM, it is possible to add various contacts and include all of their necessary information. Contacts are grouped according to various parameters. It’s possible to filter contacts by company, tags or date added. Additionally, events and notes can be “attached” to contacts.


The CRM “Pipelines” section contains information about company transactions. It is possible to view extended and limited pipelines, filter pipelines by company, tags, date added, and status. Additionally, you can designate managers responsible for establishing a pipeline and “attach” events and notes to them.


CRM system allows you to create mailing lists, subscriptions, forms and templates.

The fundamental functions go the CRM’s marketing block include the ability to send messages, i.e. e-mail with any informational materials to a group of contacts from the CRM’s database. Every message has a subject, author and sent date.

Creating letters using special templates and editing letters with the WYSIWYG editor number among the CRM system’s possibilities. Additionally, one can create a static or dynamic group distribution list defined by chosen tags and filter criteria, as well as program dates for mail distribution and collecting statistics on sent messages.

The marketing block of the system allows you to create subscriptions, i.e. group messages in blocks with one group of recipients. As an example of effective use, subscriptions can deliver newsletters to a company’s clients.


  • Collecting, saving and analyzing information about consumers, partners and a company’s internal processes
  • The ability to create contacts and add companies, events and tasks
  • Marketing block allows you to create mailing lists and subscriptions using ready-made templates
  • View ongoing daily, weekly and monthly company activities, as well as statistics summaries on clients, companies and pipelines
  • Using “filters” based on companies, tags, date added and pipeline status
  • “Quick search” of clients, companies and pipelines


  • Java
  • Grails
  • PostgreSQL