Greenstreet: Street light control system

Greenstreet project has emerged in Sweden as an Internet-based system for street lights control. Greenstreet is the latest generation of centralized dispatching system, which allows every luminary device to work in autonomous mode as well as in managed mode. The system provides a software and hardware solution with Web-components interacting with specialized luminary devices.

Monitoring panel

Greenstreet server (greenstreet.web) is a Java-based centralized management application using Oracle database as a reliable persistent store.
Technical aspects of this project include:

  • Reducing server-to-controller traffic by caching information
  • Asynchronous communication layer
  • Both “pull” and “push” event models are supported
  • System reliability aspects: handling connection failures, timeouts, server/controller crashes, synchronization issues.

Core Features

  • City territory is hierarchically divided to zones of responsibility with support of multiple managing companies
  • Monitoring of events emerging from luminary devices and sensors
  • Support for SMS and email notifications
  • Perform maintenance actions by sending SMS
  • Automatic connection control and time synchronization
  • Collection and analysis of lamp burning hours and energy consumption


  • Server – Java
  • DBMS – Oracle
  • OS – Linux, Windows Server