A startup: Mobile geo-tracking system

Geotrack is the platform created for plugging services related to mobile geo-location services. The system consists of web-application and Android application. Mobile devices are used to accumulate users trajectories and to regularly send current coordinates to central data storage.

Geotrack system consists of four major components:

  • Mobile application
  • User web interface
  • Administrator web interface
  • Data storage

Mobile application

The major function of the mobile application is to collect and deliver current coordinates of the device to the server. The application also has the paging function, i.e. it can receive messages from administrator (further on – from applications).

Web client

The server stores data on users and their movements in the space. The application features different functionality of the web client for ordinary users and for administrators. Ordinary users can use web interface to access personal statistics on mobile device. Administrator has access to total system statistics, and can control default settings.

Major features

  • Can accumulate data on trajectories of large number of people
  • Access to statistics including distance covered, average speed, traffic volume for selected period of time
  • Comparison of user statistics with average system statistics
  • Browsing trajectory on map for selected period of time
  • Control of certain system settings, such as frequency of coordinates collection and delivery of those to the server
  • Autonomous mode: keep accumulating data on the client in case server cannot be reached or low connection


  • Mobile application – Android, Java
  • Server – Java, Grails
  • Data storage – PostgreSQL