Japanese video-hosting: Billing system

The system unveils possibility for subscribing to paid (premium) features of Japanese video hosting service, allowing users to pay using credit cards.

Core Features

  • Integration with Japanese payment provider.
  • Ability to perform periodical(recurrent) billing without requiring users to enter their credit card data every time.
  • Administration UI for user account management and transaction tracking.
  • Tracks history of every billing-related administrative action.
  • Provides set of financial reports for tracking revenues on daily/monthly basis.

The release of paid subscription service was accompanied by numerous new features targeted to premium users:

  • Priviledged video traffic served from dedicated servers
  • Ability to download full-size movies (DivX)
  • Access to iPhone, iPad and mobile video content (DoCoMo, AU, Softbank)

Hereafter it is planned to use the system as a platform for accepting micropayments.


  • PHP
  • Python
  • Linux
  • PostgreSQL