Agency Trading Desk

Description of project

The goal of Systems Agency Trading Desk is the automation of procurement of media inventory from different channels and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for advertisers on characteristics such as channels, creatives and/or targeting settings.

The system communicates with external advertising platforms (both traditional and RTB) by connecting to an API. Through the API platforms are receiving campaign settings and sending back campaign statistics. Advertiser’s site put pixels to track post-click behavior of users.

Agency Trading Desk provides separate access to the statistics of the channels, and a summary report, which aggregates statistics on all channels. These reports also provide tracking statistics on post-click behavior.

The customer is the large full-service advertising agency and is already working in the Russian market for almost 20 years.


  • Creating and managing advertising campaigns, setting up targeting
  • Statistics (basic and advanced) on advertising campaigns and orders, post-click statistics
  • Generation of static and dynamic post-click pixels
  • Control of the budget, the frequency of contacts, the timing of the campaign
  • Agent interface
  • Creating and exporting reports


  • Server – Java, Grails
  • Database – PostgreSQL