Incredbank: Expense control system

Reference from Incredbank

We have been working with Gramant since October, 2007. During this time Gramant proved itself to be the reliable partner in software development. Our bank had been in need of efficient expense control system, available remotely and which wouldn’t require major maintenance. Our analysts worked together with Gramant’s analysts to produce functional requirements, and Gramant’s development team built the system in quite a short time.

Implementation of this system allowed us to manage and coordinate expense control processes and lower the overhead of these processes in the bank.

Vasiliy Nikitin, Deputy Chairman of Incredbank

Project description

The Bank Expense Control system is intended for operational budget planning and expense control. It supports purchase request approvals according with an organizational workflow. It also provides instant access to planned/actuals budget reports, grouping expenses by budget period, cost centers and expense categories.

Core Features:

  • Purchase request approval according to organizational workflow
  • Flexible role-based access control management
  • Support of distributed branch network management
  • Reporting component can group expenses by budget period, cost centers and expense categories
  • Sophisticated search of purchase requests; export of search results into Excel
  • Can attach scanned invoices and other documents
  • Embedded instant messaging system
  • Support of different currencies, cash operations and bank orders
  • Modern security technologies including strong authentication with security tokens


  • Platform — Java
  • DBMS — Microsoft SQL Server
  • OS — Windows Server
  • Authentication server — CRYPTO-Server