Gazprom-Media Digital: Video ad management system

The explosive growth in the amount of video content on the Internet, including content delivered to mobile devices, has led to video ads becoming an integral part of practically every successful advertising campaign. A successful video clip has a much better chance of attracting a user’s attention than a standard banner.

The aim of this project was to develop a platform for managing video and banner-ads. The platform includes instruments for planning and managing advertising campaigns, banner-ad and video display technologies, and a module for collecting and calculating statistics and compiling reports on things from an advertising campaign’s performance to the platform as a whole. The statistics module tracks a significant number of events related to ad displays, such as when a video ad starts, when an ad window is closed, when the sound is turned off, etc.

Main system modules

— Advertising campaign management module – the main interactive component between the user and the system. A web application allowing you to create and manage advertising campaigns, follow campaign and site statistics, manage users, edit system directories, etc

— Banner server (Banner Engine) – the component that is responsible for ad displays and registering related events.

— Synchronization module – the component which updates information on the banner servers according to user-introduced changes to the advertising campaign.

— Statistics module – the component which collects information registered by the banner servers, processes it, and saves it in a format convenient for compiling and viewing reports.

— Billing module – the component which processes financial documents when paying advertisers.

Used products and technologies

  • Java, Grails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Tomcat, Nginx
  • CentOS