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We develop high-performance systems for on-line advertising and video.
We develop systems from start to finish: from researching business needs and performing systems analysis, to system implementation, support and promotion.
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Most of the new systems we developed are written on Grails. With Grails, we have developed such projects as Ecology data monitoring storage and processing system, Online Hypermarket, Cinema production management system. Grails is a modern framework for the developing of Web-based applications.
EMEA RTB Market 2014 published the yearly rankings.
We are pleased that among the major players in the European RTB-market is our customer:Between Digital.

We started work on the system Agency Trading Desk.
A system will buy traffic across multiple channels, including channel RTB. It also assumes the implementation of post-click analysis of user behaviour and combining pre- and post-click statistics in single statements.

Recently the first version of a system was put into production, which we helped to develop. This system is based on a microservice-architecture approach. This approach has recently gained a lot of popularity. And as usual with ‘new things’, they are being hailed as being the best thing since sliced bread. However to realize the […]
On March 16, the new versions of php, namely v7.0.17 and v7.1.3, were released. This is good news for many php developers, but for us it has an extra meaning, because our patch has been accepted there. The patch that fixes ‘keep-alive’ connections in php-fpm sapi. Php-fpm first appeared as a separate patch for php […]
In today’s article we are going to focus on the Angular2 framework . We will talk about the Angular1 drawbacks,  describe  the main changes in the new version of the framework and, most importantly, share our impressions of the new version of the software. First of all a few words about us. We are a […]

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