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Banner advertising management system Banner advertising management system The system was developed for the HeadHunter corporate group working in the on-line recruiting market since 2000. Banner advertising management system could operate under high load conditions - the first version of the system was based on the projected traffic of 85 million hits a day. The main features of the systems are convenient media planning tools that allow the selection of ad space with regard to occupation, as well as automatic site selection for ad campaigns within defined parameters. Banner Display Module for Tinkoff Digital SSP Banner Display Module for Tinkoff Digital SSP A significant increase had been observed in advertising traffic which is sold through a system using RTB (Real Time Bidding) technology. The main component in this kind of system is an SSP (Sell Side Platform) module which manages advertising traffic and selects the advertisement that will be displayed to the site visitor. The advertiser is selected based on an auction that takes place in real-time. It takes only couple of milliseconds from the moment an impression request is received to the time an advertisement is displayed to the visitor.
DSP Front-end DSP Front-end DSP Front-end is intended for advertisers and advertising agencies participating in the process of purchasing Internet-ads via RTB. The system is directed towards advertisers and allows for the creation of advertising campaigns; it also configures targeting, receives statistics, and interacts with other RTB-SSP infrastructures. Video ad management system Video ad management system The aim of our current project is to develop a platform for managing videos and banner-ads. The platform will include instruments for planning and managing advertising campaigns, banner-ad and video display technologies, and a module for collecting and calculating statistics and compiling reports on things from an advertising campaign’s performance to the platform as a whole. The statistics module should track a significant number of events related to ad displays, such as when a video ad starts, when an ad window is closed, when the sound is turned off, etc.
Agency Trading Desk Agency Trading Desk The system buys traffic across multiple channels, including channel RTB. It also assumes the implementation of post-click analysis of user behaviour and combining pre- and post-click statistics in single statements. Online Hypermarket Online Hypermarket Shopium combines data from different web shops in its own general catalog, which allows customers to easily search and order products. The system currently already automatically receives information from a multitude of web shops.
Statistics for online advertisement Statistics for online advertisement The Stats system analyzes results of Internet advertisement campaigns. It has been developed for Media-Net, which is a part of Video International Group. Media-Net is one of the largest companies in the Russian Internet advertisement market. Post-click analysis system Post-click analysis system The post-click analysis system contains information about how the user does after he reaches the target site of the advertiser after clicking on the banner on the advertising platform. For example, the number of users who clicked on the banner and continued to load the page of the site as well – as well as the number of those users who clicked on the banner, however did not download the page. In addition, the system analyzes the viewing depth (number of pages visited by the user), visited pages on the site and the total time spent on the site.
Billing System for Video Hosting Billing System for Video Hosting The system enables paid subscription to numerous extra features, allowing users to pay using credit cards. Video-Hosting System Video-Hosting System The system represents one of the largest video-hosting services in Japan (kind of Japanese counterpart to YouTube).
Auditing the organization of the development process in an Internet-company Auditing the organization of the development process in an Internet-company A major company working in the field of media and Internet advertising came to us; the foundation of their business is an Internet advertising campaign management system. The development of their new system had been brought to a standstill. We've performed an audit and as a result, the client was quite content with the conducted study. The business department, management, and developers were able to find a common language and release a new version of the system in an appropriate period of time. Comparison shopping system Comparison shopping system The system is a web-based application that contains an online database with sport equipment. It allows potential customers to browse, search and compare various merchandise and redirects the user to vendor's online stores. The system allows registered vendors to upload information of their goods and promote themselves to gain new customers.
Customer Relationship Management system Customer Relationship Management system Software for organizations, designed to automate interaction strategies with customers; more specifically, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing customer information and interaction history, establish and improve business procedures, and analyze the subsequent results. The marketing block of the system enables to create mailing lists and subscriptions, using prepared templates. Education Portal Education Portal The portal provides access to training courses offered by the country’s universities and training companies. Convenient interface allows you to to find interesting programs and learning centers fast. The portal is currently in development and new features will be added.
Lab system for biomaterials Lab system for biomaterials The Laboratory system is the database of experiments carried out by proteomics scientists for detection of presence/absence of various proteins in biomaterials and definition of their characteristics. The system supports importing data from mass-spectrometer. The system was developed for the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Gene-centric Content Manager Gene-centric Content Manager This system is a scientific application that allows user to collect, store and analyze data on proteins in cooperation with other users. Information integration can be done automatically or manually, from outside sources and from within the system. The system was developed for the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
Mobile geo-tracking system Mobile geo-tracking system Geotrack is the platform created for plugging related to mobile geo-location services. The system consists of web-application and Android application. Mobile devices are used to accumulate users trajectories and to regularly send current coordinates to central data storage. Professional Internet portal for medical community Professional Internet portal for medical community The Internet portal serves as full-featured knowledge base for doctors as well as a platform for health workers communication. The system is expected to become the central communication vehicle for medical community in the Russian Internet.
Cinema production management system Cinema production management system The tool allows you to organize information on a large number of projects at different stages of the production cycle, as well as related tasks and documents. It enables you to quickly monitor the progress of work and helps automate the process of production management in the specific conditions of the film industry. Ecology data monitoring storage and processing system Ecology data monitoring storage and processing system The system has been built for Federal Black Sea and Azov Ecology Control Agency. It controls the environment of Black sea and Azov waters. It monitors and collects laboratory probes taken in the region and displays them on a map.
Greenstreet Greenstreet Greenstreet is a Web-based management application for an intellectual streetlight control system. The main goal of the project is to reduce energy consumption and simplify maintenance and control of city lights. Internet bank Internet bank This application allows users to manage their bank accounts, make real-time transactions online, such as transfer money between personal accounts, transfer money to external personal or corporate accounts, pay for various services, like household facilities, commercial expenses, mobile phones, taxes and fines.
Mobile trader Mobile trader This application was made for «Finam», one of Russia\’s largest brokerages. The application provides investment portfolio management via mobile phone. It allows clients to view stock rates, check portfolio status, issue requests to buy or sell stocks. Bank Content Management System Bank Content Management System The system is designed for bank website content management. It allows Bank managers to increase their efficiency in content management, to provide quick updates and augment site attractiveness for Bank clients and site users.
Expenses control system Expenses control system The Bank Expense Control system is intended for operational budget planning and expense control. It supports expense order approvals according with organizational workflow. It also provides instant access to planned/actuals budget reports, grouping expenses by budget period, cost control centers and expense categories. Photo-hosting service Photo-hosting service Service for photo albums hosting. Supports categorization and ranking of photos.
Business processes monitoring system Business processes monitoring system Monitors and supports document flow in Taxcom company. Checks various metrics starting from low-level, such as CPU usage and network activity, ending on high-level business metrics. Wedding services portal Wedding services portal "" "" will allow for couples to create their wedding site, to invite guests and to plan wedding banquet.
Simple belt editor Simple belt editor It's a working prototype aimed to test Google App Engine applicability for real-world applications. The rich graphical web application helps designers create and edit belt layout using browser.

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